Afri Ride connects the entire transport ecosystem on a single, safe and convenient platform, with tailor-made solutions for the African Traveling Community.

Offer A Seat

Driving out of town?

Make your next long distance trip out of town cost effective and an absolute adventure by offering your unoccupied seats to members of our ride sharing community. Use this ride sharing app platform to share the cost of your city to city or your regular travels to and from school or work travels.

Find A Seat

Private vehicle

Use Afri Ride to find a ride heading to your destination or along your route. Benefit from comfortable traveling arrangements by booking single or weekly trips on the app. Use Mbira Chat to communicate with the driver and other travel mates. Explore Afri Ride services fully and share a ride that you have already booked with fellow friends.

Public vehicle

Make your long distance travel arrangement on Afri Ride by filtering your search to find the most convenient and reputable travel coaches. Experience Afri Ride’s full concierge service by simply booking a bus or flight seat and allow us take care of all the other admin work.

Women only option

The women only option is tailor made for the women in our ride sharing community who want to travel exclusively with other women. Using the “offer a seat” feature, you can offer seats exclusively to women, similarly when using the “find a seat” feature you may filter your searches to show rides that are exclusive to women.

Offer Your Car

Do not let that car lie idle! List your car on the Afri Ride app and let members of our ride sharing community book it and generate extra income from these peer to peer rentals.

Offer a car with a driver

List not only your car but your driving services as well. Whether you are a tour guide, a shuttle service operator or a private individual wishing to make extra income, this feature is perfect for you.

Borrow a car

Filter your car search according to requirements such as car type, transmission type, duration and pick up location and Afri Ride will connect you with the perfect car. Afri Ride takes care of all the administrations, so there is absolutely no paperwork submission required from you.

Borrow a car with a driver

Reach the ultimate level of convenience with this feature! To cater to an array of your needs, you may book a car along with a driver to minimise the traveling pressures. Whether you are traveling to an unfamiliar city and need a tour guide or a local to drive you around or simply need assistance running your errands or picking up and dropping off school children, Afri Ride will connect you to the right driver and car.

Mbira chat

Use the multi-purpose Mbira Chat platform to iron out the necessary logistics with your travel mates or to keep in touch with your loved ones. Network and socialise by texting, voice call and video call.

Afri Wallet

Afri Wallet is a mobile wallet exclusive to Afri Ride users. This service gives you full control and access to your funds within 48 hours after service completion. Access of this feature is secured by a four digit pin, in addition to the login requirements of the actual Afri Ride app. The purpose of integrating this wallet service is to allow users access to their funds within 48 hours. Users can send the funds in their Afri Wallet to any account number – this transaction reflects in your personal account within 48 hours.