Find A Seat

To experience the best long distance ride sharing platform, all you need to do now is use the Afri Ride app to filter your search according to travel date and destination and allow us to conveniently connect you to the drivers and their available seats. Carpool to your events, holiday destination, work trips or work and school.

For your convenience you are able to communicate with the driver prior to making payments by texting, voice calling or video calling the driver via Mbira Chat.

As we prioritise the safety of the women in our ride sharing community, the ‘women only’ option has been integrated into Afri Ride to allow women to travel exclusively with other women for their peace of mind and safety.

Safety Tips

  1. 1.Do not negotiate with the driver outside of the platform, as this may leave you vulnerable to predatory actions.
  2. 2.Do not change the method of payment.
  3. 3.Always negotiate for a safe pick up and drop off location.
  4. 4.Use Mbira Chat to communicate with the driver prior to booking and if necessary, video call so that you can identify the driver at pick up point.
  5. 5.Always ask the driver about who else will be present in the ride and request details about the co-travelers before pick-up.
  6. 6. Report any suspicious activity on the Afri Ride app or to our customer support center