Offer A Car

Shifting away from the traditional car renting process, we have incorporated a platform which provides a pool of privately owned vehicles for hire on our ridesharing app. This peer to peer rental is conveniently done and confirmed by a few clicks on the app. As a vehicle owner, letting your car lay idle in the driveway hikes up ownership costs by way of depreciation costs, instalments and insurance. However, by making your vehicle available for hire on a short-term basis you can generate extra income. You have full control over who hires your car, for how long and for how much.

You have the option to not only offer your car, but also your driving services as well. This feature is perfect for tour guide operators and shuttle service providers. Private individuals who wish to create an income avenue by assisting others run errands or perform long-term activities such as driving school children to and from work regularly, can do so safely and conveniently on the app.

Safety Tips

  1. 1.Ensure that your car is insured and that your insurance company is aware that your vehicle is being used for business purposes.
  2. 2.Take thorough pictures of your car before exchange of possession. feature.
  3. 3.Ensure that your car is equipped with a GPS tracker system.