Offer A Seat

It is common practice for travelers to advertise their ride-sharing intentions on social media groups or pick up unverified unauthenticated passengers at the roadside which exposes the driver to the risks of encountering fraudsters and various other security hazards. Afri Ride provides a sophisticated user-adapted platform to share your once-off or daily travel details and pool funds toward the travel costs. You are able to share your daily trips to and from work and school by selecting the “weekly ride” option and the “return trip option”- for increased convenience and the promotion of networking through lift-clubs and community building by way of travel buddiesl.

Once logged onto the app you enter your travel details, specifically departure location, destination, travel date as well as the number of unoccupied seats you wish to share in your car. Use your discernment when deciding how much to charge per seat. You can choose to allow passengers to book your seats instantly or opt to first approve all bookings yourself.

Security in regards to the women in our ride-sharing community is of paramount importance. In order to ensure the peace of mind of the women in our ride-sharing community, we have integrated the “women only” option to allow women to rideshare exclusively with women should they so wish.

Safety Tips

  1. 1.After receiving a booking request you can use Mbira Chat to video call passengers and use your discretion before accepting the booking.
  2. 2.Do not allow passengers who are booking to change the method of payment as paying through our 3D secure platform is a security feature.
  3. 3.Choose a pickup location that is secure for both yourself and your passengers, for example, a fuel service center or in front of a popular shopping center or restaurant.
  4. 4.Only pick up passengers who have made a booking, strictly no unexpected un-booked passengers.
  5. 5.Do not allow anyone to coerce you into changing your routes or destination.
  6. 6.Do not change any of your travel plans or turn back if any passengers requests you to for any given reason.
  7. 7.Always have your Namola panic button ready and an SAPS number on speed dial.
  8. 8.Always notify a family member or a friend about your travel plans, provide details of your destination and passengers, have them on speed dial and send your live location to them via Mbira Chat.